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Category: Aids to Daily Living

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Affordable Solution for Keeping you Safely at home.

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There is no other comprehensive independent living solution for the bedroom area quite like the Friendly Bed System—an integrated, heavy-duty, modular, patent-pending design that is a multi-purpose system of components. The bed mobility components aid in a person's movements into/out of bed or repositioning oneself in bed. Assist Rails and Balance Pole improve safety due to reduced risk of falls, as well as reducing risk of injury to caregivers.

The convenience components can be endless—lighting, TV/computer mounts, nightstands, overhead lighting, snake lights, over-bed table, exercise equipment, sling/trolley systems, etc. The primary advantages of the Friendly Bed System over alternate solutions include:It works with the user's existing bedroom furniture.It is modular. The user can select a combination of desired features.The system can be easily set up or taken down by family member or caregiver.

The system is engineered for strength and durability. Its steel frame provides a much more rigid structure than other commercially available products. Made in America!It is freestanding. There is no need to bolt components to the wall, ceiling, or floor.The Friendly Bed (Model FB) headboard base is strapped to the headboard posts, allowing the weight of the bed to add to the stability of the system.

The Model FB is marketed in a configuration that adapts to multiple bed sizes.Other models are simplified versions (providing the main mobility related items) and designed solely for twin beds, hospital beds, etc.Model EB is designed to be used off-center of double, queen, and king beds and meant as a temporary/rental aid to people rehabbing from hip/knee replacements, back surgeries, etc.All components are designed to be heavy duty and tie together to maximize the overall strength of the “system”.

Model FB is conservatively rated at 400# capacity and other models are rated at 300# capacity. Most other competitive products are light weight, single purpose, and lack the stability of the Friendly Bed System  product line.

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