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Category: Nebulizer / Compressor

Cool for School!

Introducing the first ultrasonic nebulizers designed specifically for kids, teens and young adults. Each unit comes with a stylish tote bag that features either a green camouflage print or pink. These are Ultrasonic Nebulizers, capable of dispersing medicine in a superfine mist. The NebPak is the perfect Respiratory Therapy apparatus for school age children, because the stylish totes resemble a backpack. Ideal for school, sports or extracurricular activities.  

Small, quiet unit
Handheld and lightweight
Treatment time within 6 minutes for most medications
Produces a fine mist for advanced medication therapy
3 options for nebulization rate
Particle size range: 1 to 10 microns
Automatic shut-off after 10 minutes
5-Year Limited Warranty

Battery life is 20-30 minutes of continuous use per charge. 

Includes:Mouthpiece, Extension tube, Connector, Nasal Piece, Adult Mask, Child Mask, Medication cups, Air Filters, Nebulizer stand, Rechargeable battery pack, AC adapter, DC adapter & Tote bag.

Rx Item – Available by Prescription Only
***Not to be used with Budesonide (Pulmicort®)***
Please note that this is an ultrasonic nebulizer that should not be used with Budesonide (Pulmicort®).  Budesonide should only be used with a jet (compressed air) nebulizer.

Manufacturer Note: Rx Required

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