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Category: Personal Care / Patient Aids

The NEW CordLess® sensor pads function with absolutely no cord between the pad and the monitor! CordLess pads communicte with the TL-2100G CordLess® Fall Monitor using patented and industry exclusive wireless technology with both an audible and visual alert.
CordLess® sensor pads can easily be set up to signal a variety of Smart Cordless compatible monitors such as the Tl-2100G CordLess® Monitor, the 433-CMU Central Monitor or the 433-EC Economy Cordless Monitor. These sensor pads are available in a variety of sizes and warranties for bed and chair.

Smart Bed Monitor Pressure Pads
These weight-sensitive bed pressure pads are used with fall/mobility monitors. When connected to a fall monitor, the pressure pad will trigger the fall monitor to alert when weight is removed from the pressure pad. SafeTRelease cords on bed pads reduce tripping and entanglement hazards. "Timed" bed pads are for use with the TL-2100CP Change Pad Indicator Fall Monitor. Smart bed pads are made with soft, comfortable vinyl, and are moisture resistant and easy to clean.

90 day warranty on pad.

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