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Category: CPAP Nasal Masks

The TrueBlue gel nasal mask with Auto Seal technology is designed to deliver a higher degree of comfort, stability, and freedom of movement with minimal adjustments.

The mask's premium blue gel nasal cushion molds naturally to the shape of your nose while the cushion's soft outer flap expands and contracts to improve fit and comfort without irritating the skin or pinching at problem spots like the nasal bridgeDesigned to fit more loosely than traditional CPAP headgear, TrueBlue Headgear has wide, soft fabric straps that converge into a single back panel and crown strap creating a balanced fit without overtightening. 5 sizes available.

The TrueBlue's intuitive 3-cushion forehead pad is enchanced by additional gel cushioning; and new Talon Headgear Clips are made of durable soft plastics to withstand tension as they are attached and removed. Each clip snaps quickly into place and twists to detach without the need for strap adjustments.

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